Supporting Your 3-4 Year Old Through Bedwetting  

JCP 1042

There are certain situations which can be made all the more tricky by bedwetting. Whether it’s a stay at a grandparent’s house or a first sleepover with a friend, if your child isn’t dry at night the thought of them spending an evening away might fill you with dread.

But if your child is keen to experience a night away from home, the last thing you want is to give them the impression that they can’t do it. With a little thought and preplanning your child will be able to enjoy sleepovers without the worry of bedwetting.

How to handle sleepovers

The most effective way to manage potential accidents at night is with absorbent sleepwear such as DryNites Pyjama Pants. That's because they offer unbeatable overnight protection as well as being discreet under nightwear and easy for your child to use.

Pack spare clothes and an extra set of DryNites® and talk to your child about what they should do if they have an accident during their stay. Reassure them that it’s nothing they need to be upset about and that the adult in charge will be able to help them.

Explain the situation to grandparents or the adult where your child is staying. Putting them in the picture will allow them to help manage the situation in your absence, especially when it comes to reminding your child to have a last wee before bed and to put on their DryNites® at bedtime.

Encourage understanding

But sleepovers aren’t the only situation in which your child will need extra support. Even at a young age, kids will become aware that something isn’t quite right and they are likely to become more distressed by night time accidents the longer they go on for.

Help them understand that accidents at night are a very normal part of learning and that lots of kids their age will have them. They are still very young and becoming dry at night can just take a little longer for some children. It’s also important for them to know that you don’t blame them for bedwetting and that you’re there to help and reassure them when accidents do happen.