Bedwetting Prevention for 7 Year Olds and Up 

JCP 1413

Children become more independent at bedtime as they grow, but it’s still important to put in place some structure to help them prepare for a restful sleep. A relaxed routine will make all the difference to the night ahead, so here are some ideas for making bedtime happy and calm: 

Less drinks Encourage your child to drink plenty of fluid throughout the day, but to cut back on drinks before bed – especially caffeinated and fizzy drinks.
Time to relax The stress and worry of bedwetting can start to build as bedtime draws near so it's important to help them relax. Switch off the TV and video games and encourage calming activities like a warm bath.
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Time together Although older children like to be more independent at bedtime, they may still appreciate reading together, chatting about their day and having a cuddle before bed.
One last loo stop Remind your child to visit the toilet one last time before sleep, as emptying the bladder will help to minimise potential accidents. 
Be prepared Put aside clean pyjamas and sheets to make cleaning up as simple as possible if there is an accident during the night. Even if your child has moved on from wearing absorbent underwear, a pair of DryNites® after an accident can help to reassure and restore confidence as they settle back to sleep.