Bedwetting is a common condition that affects millions of children. As a parent, it’s important to remember it’s not your child’s fault. They’re likely to grow out of it, for some it just takes a little longer than others. Below is some useful advice for parents on ways to manage and support their child with bedwetting.


Why do children wet the bed?

Wetting the bed is a common part of growing up and there are many causes of bedwetting. We explore the common reasons why a child might wet the bed to help you, and your child, understand bedwetting.

How to manage bedwetting

Although there are many useful techniques that can help you and your child manage bedwetting, if you’re worried, your GP can advise you about potential treatments.

Ways to support with bedwetting

Being a parent of a child that wets the bed can leave you feeling confused. Educating yourself on bedwetting is the best way to provide support for your child. By taking time to understand it, you’ll be able to have open conversations with your child about bedwetting.

Myths about bedwetting

Bedwetting can be seen as something a child can control. Many wrongly believe it’s the result of laziness. We explore some of the common myths around bedwetting, so you can feel confident you know the truth about it.