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Confidence tips from real mums

Read more top tips from our family of DryNites® Bloggers. Real mums with real life stories and advice on dealing with bedwetting and instilling confidence in your children.  Each bring a unique perspective and set of experiences with their own creative flair for managing bedwetting.

  • Colette

    In my experience as a mum and teacher, children often face pressure from their peers to follow the crowd. But simple things like giving them the choice between two drinks can empower them and teach them to make a decision for themselves, which will help build self-esteem.

    Blog: We're Going on an Adventure

  • Emily

    Communication is crucial when it comes to boosting your little one’s confidence. It’s important to keep talking and always encourage them to share what they’ve been doing during the day. Celebrating the things they’ve achieved independently is a real confidence booster.

    Blog: A Mummy Too

  • Jane

    Reassure your child that night time accidents are perfectly normal and out of their control. Ask them what you can do to help. If your little one is worried about staying over with a friend, tell them to put their DryNites® pyjama pants on before they leave the house, or tuck them into the bottom of their sleeping bag so they can change discreetly.

    Blog: Northern Mum

  • Laura

    Now I’ve got more than one child, it’s clear that no two are the same and they’ll achieve their goals in their own time. In our house we use pyjama bags to store our DryNites®. Trusting my little ones to get ready for bed themselves and tidy up the next day has really encouraged their self-esteem.

    Blog: Chez Mummy

  • Mirka

    Many children are afraid of the dark, but mine feel embarrassed if I try to go to the toilet with them so there’s always a night light on in case they need to get up during the night. That way, they maintain their independence without having any additional worries.

    Blog: All Baby Advice